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You certainly won’t be bored!

In cottages: We guarantee your satisfaction. You can make garden parties outside, or inside you can play table tennis or billiard. It’s entirely up to you.

Walking: If you go for a walk at Čremošianske Lazy you will be surprised with picturesque scenery of the Turcianska valley. Children will surely enjoy playing with kite during the windy weather. In the nearby forests and meadows you can pick up strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, or mushrooms….

Swimming: The nearby spa Turčianske Teplice is the well-known spa in Slovakia. It offers all year-round swimming in newly-opened Aquapark with healing thermal water of 32- 38 degree Celsius for visitors. Also you can choose from a wide range of procedures.

Cycling: In Turiec there are very good conditions for those who love cycling. For beginners there are valleys Blatnická, Gaderská, Žarnovická, Rakšianska For more advanced cyclist – Krížna, martinské Hole, Remata…

More information about cycling you can find at www.tbsjus.sk

For beginners Čremošné-Háj-direction to Drienok-Mošovce
For beginners in Žarnovická valley, more advanced cyclist can continue to Krížna.
Hiking: We recommend you to visit Harmanecká cave (14 km). Beautiful views and nature are waiting for you on the marvelous tops of Small Fatra Mountain (Tlstá, Ostrá, Drienok, Krížna, Lysec). Also you can enjoy castles or their ruins (Zniev, Vyšehrad, Sklabiňa, Blatnica).

Harmanecka cave (14 km)
Small Fatra
Culture: For lovers of art, history or culture monuments there is a wide range of museums and galleries in surrounding cities:
  • Turčianske Teplice (4 km) – e.g. House of Mikuláš Galand (artist)
  • Banská Bystrica (29 km) – city castle, churches
  • Martin (30 km) – Museum of a typical Slovak village ( open-air museum)
  • Kremnica (31 km) – town castle, Museum of coins
  • Bojnice (40 km) – Bojnice castle, ZOO
  • Strečno (49 km) – sightseeing of castle
  • Zvolen (50 km) - Zvolen castle, ruins of the Pusty castle
  • Vlkolínec (55 km) – old Slovak village registered in UNESCO
  • Banská Štiavnica (60 km) – beautiful historical town with a mining history registered in UNECSO
  • Orava castle (80 km) – sightseeing of the castle

Sport: There is a possibility of playing tennis, minigolf, or you can try a horse riding.
Golf: If you are interested in playing golf you may enjoy 18 hole golf course in a beautiful mountain nature Tale (80 km).